Land Paddle UK would like to share our love and passion for this addictive and exciting new land based board sport. 

Land Paddling is born out of Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) and both sports have seen a massive growth in popularity across the world over the last few years.

Land Padding is arguably the most accessible board sport there is.The combination of the wider wheelbase of a Long Board and the use of a Land Paddle, gives you increased stability making this sport accessible to a wide range of people of all ages and abilities. 

While  Land Paddling you use the same muscle groups you use when Stand Up Paddle Boarding on water, making Land Paddling a fantastic cross training tool for SUP enthusiasts giving you a total body workout including core, back, shoulders, arms and legs. This means when water conditions are unsuitable or inaccessible you can still get a SUP training session in on land. There is nearly always an easily accessible area of tarmac available.

The land paddle allows you to power yourself on any long board, skateboard, mountain board or pretty much any board you would normally ride on the street, but as the sport has progressed over the years Land Paddles and Land SUP Boards have been designed to suit different styles of riding. So whether you want to have a gentle chilled out cruise along a prom or cycle way, or you want carve and slide the tail out  to practice your Surf SUP technique, there is a Land Paddle and Land SUP Board suitable for your style of riding. 

 If you have never skated before you will be surprised at how easy land paddling is to pick up. If you are a seasoned skater, using a Land Paddle will give you a completely different skating experience and add an extra element to your riding and work your upper body. Getting fit has never been such fun. 

Land Paddle UK supply quality products from the leading Land SUP brands from around the world and are the UK dealers for Kahuna Creations, Sk8Paddle,  Onda Motion, and Sk8pole.  We offer the largest selection of Land Paddles and Land Paddle Boards and  are here to help you select the right Board and Paddle to suit your preferred riding style. Please feel free to contact the LPUK team for any information or advice. We are here to help. info@landpaddleuk.co.uk 

Land Paddle UK advises that you always wear a helmet and appropriate safety gear for the activity you are undertaking.

Paddle Safely!