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Huntington Hop | LBRW Comp Stripes | 3'9" |

Huntington Hop | LBRW Comp Stripes | 3'9" |



Length: 3.75ft | Width: 10.6 in | Height 5.9 in | Weight: 11 lbs.



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Designed like a single fin for relaxed, stylish riding. The HST carving trucks will allow for a more glide-oriented turn than our first generation. The recommended Hamboard for rookies pursuing all-around surf stoke. 


This board bridges the gap from standard longboarding to Hamboarding. The length and width will feel faimilar, but the weight of the board and the HST trucks will bring out a whole new riding style. You could be cruising and pumping in chill mode or exploring a new world of carving. 

Quality and Style
Premium quality; Hamboards style. This board will last a lifetime. The decks are made with premium 8 ply maple-birch and can take a beating time and time again. The Durable UV resistant grip coating enables heavy slides while barefooted to emulate the surfing experience


The classic, cruiser skateboard has been revolutionized. Let your carves flow as you pump along the streets. No wheel bite, no wheel lift, no rail drag on these boards.


Barefoot friendly grip with the HST trucks provides genuine surf like feeling. Our 62mm 80A wheels and San-O grease bearings allow responsive turns and cutbacks.

Dimensions and Shape
Classic surf feel delivered in a familiar 3'9" x 10 5/8” board size.

  • Unique Quality: Stable, compact and fun
  • Weight Limit: Perfect for riders of any size
  • Used For: The ultimate cruiser
  • Experience Level: For beginners to advanced board riders


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Huntington Hop | LBRW Comp Stripes | 3'9" |



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