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  • Hamboards

    Surfing... what an incredible feeling. 

    Over the years various skateboards have tried to capture that feeling of being on a wave.  Hamboards is Surf City on Wheels.  For landsurfers, we build the very finest handcrafted longboard skateboards, street stand up paddle boards and land paddles.

  • Kahuna Creations

    Kahuna Creations has been shaping longboards since 2004.
  • Onda

    Onda was started by Sergio Landau and Homero de Barros, both born and raised in Copacabana Beach, in Rio, Brazil. Sergio and Homero have been friends for long time, and did many outdoor activities together, including motocross, hiking, sailing, diving and surfing.

  • Revenge Trucks Co

    Revenge longboard trucks are a revolution in torsion skateboard truck technology. These trucks are designed to allow longboard skateboarders a chance to mimic surfing and snowboarding like never before. With patented torsion truck technology, Revenge drastically reduces turning radius and keeps a fluid motion with minimal effort from the rider. The patented external locking mechanism allows for extremely tight turns while reducing the chance of wheel bite. They can perform a full 360 degree 8 foot diameter turn on a 47" board with no riser pads and wheels up to 73mm.

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items